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Employee Benefits Packages Designed for Your Business

Ensure your staff is totally covered with Benefits Alliance, LLC., a Chesterfield, Missouri Company. Through professional alliances, our team designs, implements and services for benefits policies and packages employee groups of all sizes, including multi-site employers based in Missouri with locations throughout the Nation. Such services include enrollment, claims processing and administrative assistance. Choose from a variety of benefits packages from such trusted providers as Allstate™ (voluntary), Anthem™ (traditional), UnitedHealthcare™ (traditional), and Legal Shield™ (voluntary).

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Voluntary Benefits

Voluntary benefits are designed to supplement your existing benefit program with coverage that pays cash directly to the owner of the policy, covering accidents, critical illnesses, cancer, disability, loss of life, legal issues, identity theft, and more. These policies are paid by the employee on a payroll deduction basis. Voluntary means you own it, you pay for it, and you keep it—it goes with you wherever you go. 

Traditional Benefits

These benefit policies typically include medical health insurance, dental insurance, vision coverage, life, and disability. All benefits are paid for by the company. Call us today for a free initial consultation and let our experts help you create a benefits package that meets your needs, as well as the needs of your staff.

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